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Jack o' lanterns

Jack o' lanterns

Jack o' lanterns are essential to any Halloween Haunt. Line your front steps or driveway for an eerie appearance that also illuminates other decorations in your Haunt.

Spider Webs

Spider Webs

Though you can use a spider web gun, you can always get the ready made ones from almost any department store. Stretch them in trees, bushes or by your front door for a creepy, run-down effect.



Take a sheet of cardboard or styrofoam and cut out the shape. Then spray it with Fleck Stone or a gray texture, and use a black marker or a stencil for the lettering. Here are some ideas for the names.

Jason Vorhees 1980 - ?

Ben Gon

Lee Ning (tilt the stone)

Lighting & Atmosphere

Strobe Light

Black lights have very neat affect on white objects. Strobe lights are also very cool, they give the effect of lightning! Directing them at fixed props can also give the illusion of movement.

Creating Fog

Fog Machine

Fog machines are probably the easiest route to go. You can get them new for around $40 at Wal*Mart before the holiday or you can get them online any other time of the year. The fog solution is usually sold separately.

**You can also use Dry Ice but it can be harder to find and dangerous around smaller children.

Guts and Gore

Image credit- Jzuwala Motts

To make your dummies look like their guts are oozing out try this the cheap way. On the open end of the dummy use styrofoam, spider webs, or bunched white trash bags to fill the end, then spray with red spray paint. Or use styrofoam popcorn, dye with red food coloring, and glisten with vaseline.

Giant Spider

Image credit- JustWhisper

Using newspaper soaked in liquid starch cover an inflated balloon with one layer. Let this dry and repeat 4-5 times. Using chicken wire or anything else shape the legs and attach to the body using the same paper mache method. Once finished spray paint it with your choice of color.

Corpsing Body Part

Image credit- Lynn Timm

- Body Parts
- Black Craft Paint
- Brown Craft Paint
- Red Craft Paint
- Creepy Cloth or Gauze
- Elmer's Glue
- Foam Painter's Brush
- Clear Sealant (opt.)

Why spend more when you can diy? This is a very smart and cheap idea. Most of the supplies can be bought at any Arts & Crafts store or department store. You may even have most of these items around the house. You can get the hands/feet and creepy cloth at the dollar store during the season.

You'll need to prepare four separate bowls. Mix in a small amount of water to each of the paints and glue. Cut your gauze or cloth into strips and paint them with the black and brown paint. Give them a moment to dry. Then using the glue mixture you can begin to adhere the strips to the body parts. Once this has dried, finish by highlighting spots with the brown and red paint.

To keep for future haunts you may want to give your parts a coating of clear sealant.