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Trick or Treat

Donald Duck and his nephews meet Witch Hazel.

Skeleton Dance

Silly skeleton dance from 1929.

Lonesome Ghosts

Mickey, Donald and Goofy are Ghostbusters in this fun Disney animation from 1937.

Pluto's Judgement Day

This classic Disney cartoon features Pluto, who has a nightmare of being judged and punished by cats in hell!

Donald's Lucky Day

It's Friday the 13th and Donald Duck delivers a mysterious package on his luckiest unlucky day.

Halloween Safety (1977)

A Halloween Safety film from 1977.

Halloween Safety (1985)

Another Halloween Safety film, this time from 1985 with a talking jack-o-lantern.

Spooky Goop (1988)

A Halloween make-up commercial from 1988.

Vintage Trick or Treat Bags

Treat Bag Treat Bag Treat Bag Treat Bag

Vintage Beistle Die-Cuts

Die-Cut Die-Cut Die-Cut Die-Cut

Vintage Halloween Ads

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Vintage Halloween Illustrations

Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration