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People Of WalMart   Page 2

That actually is not sunlight… it's the beams of light coming off rainbow man

OMG! What the heck is that coming from her hair? Seriously what is that?!!

Why are Jorts so popular in the south? And, this gives new meaning to BIG hair!!

Reach in and claim your Crack-er Jack Prize!!

Yeah . I don' t even know what to say to this….. !

Who needs a shopping cart when you are White T-Shirt man!

Those shorts look angry to me!

She was later arrested when they found her drinking out of the toilet.

Practicing for the Bob Sled team.

This woman will ghoul out if you take all the deer jerky for yourself

Is it his shirt or mustache that creeps me out more?

Oh you so totally are!

Yeah, no….. let's not.

I always do a little shopping right after I emerge from my Incredible Hulk form.

To Infinity & beyond!!

What, what, WHAT are those?!! Extra boobies? Wish I could figure out how to blur the Georgia G. She's making us look bad!!

Just Run!!!!

Now you know why to put no food into that cart

Dude, C’MON!!!! Everybody knows thongs are so last year. It’s all about the half-booty covered panties now, get with it man!

When what you’ve got going on there looks like an asscrack, put it away and never bring it out again.

Omg....this is probably one of the best Wal-Mart photos EVER!!!! Check it out!

This woman is out shopping in public with no shirt on. She has her boobs tucked into her pants!!

INTO HER PANTS!!! I understand that gravity was hard on her but SERIOUSLY???!!?!?!?!?

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