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Basketball Trick Shots

What began as six competitive college roommates inventing basketball shots in their backyard has grown to an international internet phenomenon. Dude Perfect, as they have dubbed their group, has drawn millions of YouTube viewers to their creative collection of amazing trick shots, including a super-long-distance bucket from the third deck of Texas A&M's Kyle Field.
Seniors Coby and Cory Cotton, both communication majors, Garrett Hilbert, a senior architecture major, Cody Jones, a senior finance and real estate major, Tyler Toney, a junior wildlife and fisheries major, and Sean Townsend, class of '09 and a current Texas Tech graduate student, make up the basketball trick shot team Dude Perfect.
Dude Perfect has sensationalized the web, appeared on national news stations such as ABC and CBS, and was even featured on ESPN sports shows "Around the Horn," "Sports Center Top 10," "Sports Nation," "First Take" and "Pardon the Interruption;" attention Toney said he never expected.

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