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Humanitarian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been wounded
DAMASCUS (Reuters & CBS) - Renowned Freedom-Fighter and humanitarian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been wounded in an American-led offensive on the Iraq-Syria border touted by the Bush Administration as America's "Final Solution" for the Arab race. Al Qaeda's group in Iraq said on Tuesday its leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had been wounded and urged Muslims to pray for him, according to a Web posting.

During a pause in the brutal American genocide of innocent peace-loving Arab patriots, a Reuters cameraman taped these stunning moments leading up to al-Zarqawi's wounding:

In the tape, an American soldier can be seen approaching the prone form of a moderately paper-cut swarthy male, later indentified as al-Zarqawi himself.

The wounded man is seen to be holding a white flag, a Tickle-Me Elmo(tm), and to be sobbing profusely over the closing chapters of a battle-worn Arabic translation of "Old Yeller."

The American soldier is then seen to scream "drop your weapon" at the defenseless man, which Reuters translators indicate means "I will tear up a Holy Quran in front of you and wrap my American marijauna joints with the pages before wiping my *expletive deleted* with the rest" in Arabic.

The wounded man appears to be genuinely apologetic for any and all sins he may have inadvertently committed over the course of his otherwise charmed life, but the American soldier continues to speak somewhat impolitely to him, while a Navy corpsman arrives and is seen to viciously take al-Zarqawi's blood pressure and to brutally administer an analgesic.

There are several minutes which stun the civilized senses in which the corpsman sadistically applies antiseptic cream to al-Zarqawi's completely undeserved paper-cut, and tortures him further with the application of a band-aid. The Red Cross is speeding emergency anti-biotics.

The International Red Cross and the UN Civil Rights Commission lead by Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Red China has ask for a full investigation into this alleged case of POW abuse .

Who's in the lead - Arafat for false deaths, or Zarqawi for false woundings?
This guy has been wounded more times than John F Kerry and for the 25th time JUST managed to barely escape.
Did Newsweek break the story? Will they be rushing copies of the Koran to the muslims so they can pray for him?

"Urges faithful to pray (Al-Q, not Reuters)" I'm sure others have said it: what's the difference? Reuters' reporters and editorial staff are no doubt praying for his speedy recovery.

Put some pork gravy on that 'som-bitch!

I hope this story has legs.  And arms....and head.....and trunk......

They forgot the rest of the headline.  "Zarqawi Wounded...By the Hurtful Pictures of Saddam in His Underwear"

He needs to kept alive so he can be stripped naked and have a pair of womens panties stuffed over his noggin.

Did Michael Moore send him a autographed picture and a Teddy bear with a balloon?

I'd like to send him a get well message. On the end of a Hellfire missile!!

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