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Carter monitoring elections in Rome
According to White House sources, Carter's representatives, apparently from the former president's Carter Center, reached out to the White House over the weekend and offered to lead the U.S. delegation to the Pope's funeral should the President or other senior Bush administration officials not be able to attend.

President Carter who calls himself  a goodwill ambassador  and often is monitoring elections in foreign countries. Carter said he would be glad to lead the monitoring of the Cardinals in the election for the new Pope. He said I just hope these Cardinals are as responsible as the leaders of Cuba and North Korea in electing their leaders.

While in Rome President Carter said he also like to build some homes at the Vatican since he build homes for Habitat families.

Jimmy Carter spent the 2004 Democratic National Convention hanging out in a luxury box with Michael Moore. But this time he said Michael Moore would not be going with him to Rome since Moore is in Cuba visiting with his buddy Fidel.

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