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Yassar Arafat:

August 24, 1929 - November 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 2004.


Your virgins have been delayed ... indefinitely... but I'm here to take care of you, Mr. Arafat.

Yasser's achieved room temp. He died just in time for his funeral. Imagine that! The good news is that he is reunited with many of his deceased followers that have gone on before him, but the bad news is it's mighty HOT at their reunion. Hell burns a little bit warmer tonight...He is realizing that there are not 72 virgins waiting for him and he is probably getting a pitch fork up the wazzu

Maybe Michael Moore gets to be one of his virgins.

They should bury him upside down, so if he does come back to life, he can start digging his way out,but he will be heading straight down to hell. God will just pull the lever on the commode that sends Arafat to Hell.
Satan finally needed his coordinator back to invent new ways to torture souls...

I just put on a bathrobe and am handing out candy to the neighbor kids... Finally...............I can drink the rest of the Champagne that was left after "Dubya" won.........two celebrations in two weeks..........what a bonanza!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh pleeeeeeez! Don't you have any respsect for the dead? NO!!

His wife's last words to him: "What's the PIN number!"

What happen to him
Yes He has assumed Room Temperature.
He's taking a "Dirt Nap"
He dines with the worms tonight.
He is one with the Cosmos.
He's pushing up daisys.
He's fertilising the Garden.
He's gone underground.
He's an Earthy kind of Guy.
He's a Coffin jockey.
He's deader than a door nail.
He's alive-not.
His SSI# is available.
He don't get around much anymore.
They told him to cool it and He went too far.
He's hating life now.
His DNA is DOA.
He is comatose"Super-Sized".
He broke the record for holding his breath.
He died of a broken hate.
He's really "Unresponsive".
He flunked his "Life-lesson".
He took a bath and It Killed him.
He saw "dawn of the dead" and thought it would be fun.
He faked being sick to get out of his compound to see a movie, and the French Doctors killed him.
He was in the french Hospital when Shua told him She lost the Bank account PIN number, and He croaked!

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