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Section 5, pages 4-5 of the binding "Memorandum of Understanding" that was negotiated and agreed upon by both political campaigns states:
"No props, notes, charts, diagrams, or other writings or other tangible things may be brought into the debate by either candidate.... Each candidate must submit to the staff of the Commission prior to the debate all such paper and any pens or pencils with which a candidate may wish to take notes during the debate, and the staff or commission will place such paper, pens and pencils on the podium..."
So what did Dem presidential contender John Kerry take out of his jacket as he approached the stage [with his back to the auditorium's audience]?
What did Kerry place on the podium?

A tight zoom analysis of the Boston.Com feed shows Kerry pulling a mysterious item his jacket [14 seconds into video, after commerical]. Kerry appears to unfold some sort of paper seconds later, at his podium.

Use of crib notes during the debate would constitute a material breach of Memorandum of Understanding

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Mr. Kerry is both ethically challenged and morally bankrupt. Is this really what we want in and from a president? To do away with  truthful and ethical behaviors, while flaunting lies, has become a Kerry “Badge of Honor”.  Yes, Yes, Yes, says Bill Clinton, there is not a stain of truth on Kerry's record, he likes 'em big, the bigger the lie the better he tells 'em.

John Kerry today blasted a just-released attack ad.  
The ad, financed by a group calling itself  Truth About Gay Weddings On Swift Boats, accuses Sen. Kerry of using his status as commanding officer on his boat to perform gay weddings on an almost non-stop basis. Kerry referred to the boat as ‘The Love Boat.’”!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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