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What did John Kerry do on 911?

And what he would have done if he had been President.

What did John Kerry  do on Sept. 11, 2001. Here's what he told Larry King: "..."...And as I came in [to a meeting in Sen. Daschle's office], Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid were standing there, and we watched the second plane come in to the building. And we shortly thereafter sat down at the table and then we just realized nobody could think, and then boom, right behind us, we saw the cloud of explosion at the Pentagon..."

"It should be noted that the second plane hit the World Trade Center at 9:03 a.m., and the plane hit the Pentagon at 9:43 a.m. By Kerry's own words, he and his fellow senators sat there for forty minutes, realizing 'nobody could think.'"

If he had been President

"I come to the job of commander in chief with the rare, gratefully, but important experience of having fought in a war," did you know I was in Vietnam? Did you know I was a hero?  Do you know I speak French? 

John Kerry states that if he had been President, he would have told the children that "the President has something important to attend to." "I have to go to the bathroom because I have peed in my pants." My top advisor Michael Moore told me to put on some Depends the rest of the day. The very next thing I would get in contact with my Secretary Of Defense Janet Reno, I would ask Janet what advice she could give me since she had experience with buildings on fire and falling down. 

Next thing get in contact with my friend the leader of France Jacques Chirac and let him tell me what to do. Did you know we both speak French. Jacques is a sensitive person and these are sensitive times and we have to be sensitive when dealing with Islamist terrorist, we don't want to make them mad at us. 

"And I believe as commander in chief who understands these terrorist before you send young people to war. You've got to be able to look terrorist in the eyes  and say to them, 'I tried to do everything in my power to avoid this, but we had no choice as a nation, as a people, because of the challenge to our country, to our fundamental values'," to ask for your forgiveness if we have offended you in any way." And to remember the great American Rodney King who said "can't we all just get along."

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