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Teddy and the Shiite!!!!!!!!

Sen. Ted Kennedy was so impressed with Shiite terrorist leader Muqtada al-Sadr portrayal of the war in Iraq as "George Bush's Vietnam," he's picked up the theme himself.  "I call upon the American people to stand beside their brethren, the Iraqi people, who are suffering an injustice by our rulers and the occupying army, to help them in the transfer of power to honest Iraqis," CBS’s Dan Rather and ABC’s Peter Jennings did their best on Wednesday night to advance Senator Ted Kennedy’s and militant Shiite cleric Al-Sadr notion that Iraq is “Bush’s Vietnam,”
For foreign foes like Sadr, and Saddam Hussein before him, it is that America can be beaten in any war by appealing to fickle public opinion. For domestic "dissidents" like Kennedy, it is that it is perfectly acceptable, even "patriotic," to oppose an American war effort even after the decision has been made to go to war.
Maybe Al Sadr took the phones from the captured journalist today so he could call Teddy. In fact maybe the journalist were sent by Teddy to give the thug pointers on how to conduct the insurection. The old swimmer seemed more content today.
The piece of shiite quoting Teddy the swimmer hasn't realize what Rush pointed out today: the objective in Iraq was regime change --which the entire Senate endorsed-- and we've already accomplished that! Now we're about cleaning up the sewers infested with vermin like this mouthy servant of Satan ... the twisted shiite, not Teddy, though the same may apply accurately.
He called the Bush administration's current Iraq policy "adrift." That's what they said about his Oldsmobile at Chappaquiddick, before it sank with Mary Jo Kopechne!

Will pickled Teddy be Kerry's running mate?

Kennedy, D (drunk) Chappaquiddick should think for just one moment how his comments affect the troops. But just like trying to save Mary Jo, it would mean thinking about someone other than himself.

Chronic excessive drinking can lead to Alcohol Dementia which affects memory, learning and other functions.


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