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John Kerry defended terrorist Shiite imam al-Sadr

In an interview broadcast Wednesday morning, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry defended terrorist Shiite imam Moqtada al-Sadr as a "legitimate voice" in Iraq, despite that fact that he's led an uprising that has killed nearly 30 American GIs in the last two days.

Speaking of al-Sadr's newspaper, which was shut down by coalition forces last week after it urged violence against U.S. troops, Kerry complained to National Public Radio, "They shut a newspaper that belongs to a legitimate voice in Iraq."

In the next breath, however, the White House hopeful caught himself and quickly changed direction, adding, "Well, let me . . . change the term legitimate. It belongs to a voice ó because he has clearly taken on a far more radical tone in recent days and aligned himself with both Hamas and Hezbollah, which is a sort of terrorist alignment."

But Kerry again seemed to voice sympathy for the Shiite terrorist when asked whether he supported al Sadr's arrest. "Not if itís an isolated act without the other kinds of steps necessary to change the dynamics on the ground in Iraq," Kerry told NPR, in quotes first reported by the New York Sun.

What are sort of terrorists? Does Hamas sort of blow up Israelis? Are those sort of suicide bombers wearing sort of explosive vests?

John Kerry support's the TED(Kennedy) Offensive, who can be the first to win the fight to get out of the car.
Does Kerry think A-Sadr and Ho Chi Min are/were just pious agrarian reformers and potential  voters. Hitler was just a misunderstood person who did good things for his country. Stalin wanted to share the wealth of the country with everone. 
In his shocking defense of Muslim terrorist leader Muqtada al-Sadr, John Kerry joins a long list  who in recent years have had kind words for America's enemies. A sampling of the worst: Sen. Patty "Osama Mama" Murray, D-Wash. In her sick fantasy world, Osama bin Laden built "day-care centers" for those liberated career gals of Afghanistan.
Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio. Bin Laden also captured her fancy: She compared the mass-murdering terrorist to the American revolutionaries. Cynthia McKinney. Fellow Georgia Democrat Sen. Zell Miller famously dubbed her "loony" for her wild conspiracy theories about President Bush cashing in on 9/11.

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