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Spain raises the white flag

Al Qaeda Opens First Embassy in Madrid (2004-03-16) -- Spain's newly-elected socialist prime minister today declared the start of a "new era of protection from terror" as he cut the ribbon at the grand opening of the al Qaeda embassy in downtown Madrid.

The building, formerly known as the U.S. Embassy, will house the offices and "manufacturing facilities" of the global religious social services organization headed by renowned philosopher Usama bin Laden.

"Spain's involvement in the war on terror caused the recent train station bombings," said Prime Minister-elect José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. "Now that the Spanish people have elected a socialist government, and embraced al Qaeda's diplomats, we have nothing to fear. Al Qaeda has promised to protect us from extremists like those at the U.S. White House and Pentagon."

Mr. Zapatero said he was "pleasantly surprised at al Qaeda's reasonable pricing for high-quality protection."

President of France said after seeing what occurred in Spain he was convinced to offer Mr. bin Laden a embassy in France and would even have it built for his honor bin Laden.

French lack of resolve has somehow infected the Spanish. It wasn't always that way. Perhaps the French have spent too many summers vacationing with their southern neighbors and have brought this dastardly infection with them.  Spain has ordered cheap white flags from France - bulk order

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