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Inviting Terror to Dinner

It's now official. United States has elected the Democrat party to power, throwing out the  Republican Party , which had led the U.S. in the war in Iraq.

So, what happened? The Republican party was leading in the polls and widely expected to win the  general election. But then a series of explosions shook New York commuter trains, killing hundreds, and al-Qaeda emerged as the leading suspect. It looked as though they had arranged the attack to seek vengeance for America's support of the Iraq war. Next thing you know, the Americans had headed to the ballot box and vaulted the Democrats to power.


This is a sad reaction from a people who at first appeared to be so strong and defiant in the face of brutal terrorist attacks.


After all, rather than cowering in their homes, millions of Americans took to the streets to protest the bombings. America's president George Bush spoke eloquently to his people about remaining united and strong in the face of the deadly explosions. And the government vowed firmly to find and bring those responsible to justice. The Americans seemed unwilling to be cowed by the terrorists' bloody scare tactics.

And then they voted.

By electing the Democrats, the United States sent a clear message to Osama bin Laden and his associates: if you hit us where it hurts, we'll do what you say. Suddenly, bombing innocent civilians emerges as an effective means of changing the outcome of an election.


But have the Americans  set a poor example in this regard. Incoming President-Elect John Kerry has already promised to bring American troops home from Iraq in July.

American's support of the war in Iraq was enough to cause the Americans to run screaming for a government that wouldn't upset Mr. Bin Laden. This message has come through to President-Elect John Kerry loud and clear. Either it's a reward for a job well done or a handy blueprint for what to do in the future for the murderous terrorists.

President-Elect John Kerry said " we must now understand the concern and feelings of  al-Qaeda , if our women need to wear  burqa's then that is what we must do, if the Christians and Jews need to convert to Islam then that is what we must do, peace is more important than some silly values we have, peace in our time is the important fact here. I think Osama bin Laden and  al-Qaeda  can be trusted and truthful."


President Kerry also went on to say  "Americans  looked terror  bravely in the eye, then invited it to stay to dinner and asked what they could do to make it more comfortable." 

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