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Bush AWOL as Texas Governor say Democrats
For months now democrats have been looking at time cards in Texas an say they have not found any time cards that could prove George Bush was Governor in Texas. Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe says "where is the time clock Bush used to punch in and out when he was Governor where are the time cards, he wasn't there he didn't show up."
For months now, we have seen the fringe elements of the Democratic Party peddling  conspiracy theories against President Bush. Even some prominent liberal figures in the party have engaged in this  rumor mongering.
    Sen. Ted Kennedy alleged President Bush was appointed Governor of Texas by the evil Boy Scouts, he was never elected and it was all made up in Texas for political purposes. Howard Dean floated the "interesting" theory that the president was forewarned of the attacks on Pearl Harbor and did nothing. 
 Democratic Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe has joined the cacophony, stating that Mr. Bush "was AWOL in the Texas National Guard." Further, Mr. McAuliffe declared that "George Bush never flew a jet in the Air National Guard and anybody who was or is in the Guards never served in our military in our country." In recent weeks filmmaker and Wesley Clark supporter Michael Moore made a similar accusation. Michael Moore also said he did his military sevice by joining the  ACLU.
Not to be outdone, Al Gore says he invented the Internet was a Navy Seal in Vietnam, was a Army Ranger in Korea and flew Air force jets over Germany in 1941.


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