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Bush 'Never Intended' to Get Bin Laden (Call the men with the white coats!)

Democratic presidential hopeful Gen. Wesley Clark is charging that President Bush "never intended" to capture 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden. On Thursday Clark went even further. contending that the Bush administration has actually pinpointed bin Laden's whereabouts but refuses to take the notorious terrorist out. "We bombed Afghanistan, we missed Osama Bin Laden, partly because the president never intended  to get Osama Bin Laden," Clark told schoolchildren in Bedford, New Hampshire last Tuesday.

"All along, right after 9/11," the conspiracy-minded general claimed, "[the Bush White House] made their mind up, I guess, that we were going to go after Saddam Hussein. That's what people in the Pentagon and the voices in my head  told me.

The former NATO commander also hatched a nutty theory suggesting that Muslim men tend to become terrorists because they're sexually frustrated. "They can't get Viagra and other items I use therefore young men in an Islamic culture cannot get it up.  They get real angry, they feel real frustrated, they feel real powerless. And a certain number of them are being exploited in the mosques by this recruiting network," he told the Concord seniors.

Michael Moore and Madonna endorsed Clark this week and said "Wes has the lunatic vote sewed up."

Michael Moore is more in tune with Howard Dean, so this is very interesting. This must be designed to split the wacky left vote, maybe it's for his new movie Trolling for Food and Wine. He's as politically faithful as the last buffet he attended. Does that mean that we will get to see Al Franken b*tch-slap Michael Moore?

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