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Hoping to Broaden his Appeal in the South, Dean admits"Im a Bigot"
Dateline Vermont...The Dean campaign admitted today that Howard Dean is not only a metrosexual but is also a bigot.

"I'm seeking the southern bigot vote." admitted Dean, "and people need to understand that I'm a bigot just like other southerners"

Capitalizing on bigotry may be a risky political move however, many experts are unsure just how this will play out in the general election.

"While Dean has been solicitous of Reverend Sharpton....the black vote is not an absolute certainty at this point," says Harvard professor, Shirley Froid, "Many blacks have announced they plan to vote for Bill Clinton in the next election."

"It shows a lack of education about the South on his part," says presidential candidate John Edwards, " We, in the South are not all bigots....some of us are black"

Coming on the heals that he plans to talk about Jesus, and eat chicken fried steaks, the announcement by Dean that he too is a bigot is seen as a "full Southern strategy" meant to solidify his base across the country.

We're at war against radical islamic terrorists and Dean thinks a Commander in Chief needs to be in touch with his feminine side. He should wear a burka to campaign events, and should also squat to pee!

Today the French looking Senator Jon Kerry called Dean a "Mad F--- Cow", Dean responed by calling Kerry a "Ketchup Boy and a French Fry."

The U.S. beef industry is being hard hit by the discovery of a case of mad cow disease, Dean said this was the fault of George Bush because he didn't give the cows proper medical insurance and their education was below par and this condition made the COWS MAD. Dean also accused the President of incresing AIDS in Africa cause he didn't send enough BAND AIDS to Africa.



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