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New threatening Videotape raises fear to new levels


In chilling new videotapes, aired on all cable networks every hour on the hour, a top Pentagon General threatens al-Qaeda and other peaceful Islamic groups with further U.S. attacks in retaliation for Sept. 11. (Apparently this guy hasn't gotten the new Rumsfeld memo, which, says USA Today, proclaims the U.S. has already lost the War on Terror.)

The voice and image in the shocking videotapes was assessed to be that of Army Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, whom investigative reporters have linked to several evangelical Christian church groups through speeches, prayer breakfasts, and other suspicious activities. In the tapes, the speaker, a suspected Christian, bashed Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, casting the War on Terror, widely seen as a clash of radical Islam and western society, as a clash of radical Islam and western society. Even worse, the suspect in the tapes appeared to be saying western society is somehow better, despite artery-clogging McDonalds, pop-up ads, Reality TV (!), Reality TV awards (!!) spam mail (!!!) Ben and J. Lo (!!!!), Halliburton (!!!!!) and O'Reilly on Fox criticizing the heroic French (!!!!!!). It's time to wake up and smell the oppression ... of western culture!

Failing to understand the roots of Osama's rage, suggesting terrorists should bear some responsibility for terrorism, Boykin appeared to scapegoat suicide bombers for suicide bombing. Talk about blaming the innocent perpetrator! Scholars and keen observers, shocked and bewildered, wondered where Boykin gets this ridiculous idea that Judeo-Christian values are any more moral than Wahhabism. Obviously, Boykin needs to have a chat with Taliban "Jihad Johnny."

Using words eerily similar to Bush's, another notorious Saddam-hating, Osama-basher, Boykin scandalously accused Mullah Omar and other terrorists of fanaticism and religious intolerance, alleging that terrorists hate America because of their religious intolerance -- towards Jews and Christians, especially. As if their hatred of Jews and Christians had anything to do with religion! All experts at Reuters know that's not the case. Even more outrageous, Boykin said the enemy in the War on Terror is Satan, rather than the Great Satan, led by George Bush! Democrats charge Boykin's comments injects religion in this war, something terrorists Osama and Mullah Omar have cautiously avoided doing thus far. Terrorists, Democrats note, have never considered this a religious war. Now terrorists, thanks to Boykin, will be really, really mad. And more religious than ever. They may even start to hate us. The General's remarks have sparked fear that, by not complimenting Islamicists as generally peaceful, a new wave of violence by Islamicists could result.

Democrats also accuse Boykin of harboring uncivilized 14th century religious beliefs, urging him to join the 21th Century, just like Somali Warlords and Wahhabis have done.

Although Boykin on Tuesday called for a full Inspector General's probe of his dangerous beliefs and troublesome church associations, critics note the suspect, a week after the incriminating videos surfaced, has yet to be questioned.

Tolerant Muslim groups say Boykin's reprehensible Taliban-Osama-bashing merits only the stiffest punishment -- getting canned from his job as deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence. "I think they need to remove the general," said Tolerant Muslim leader James Zogby, president of the Arab-American Institute in Washington. With charges of affiliation with known Christian groups swirling around him, Boykin "is unfit for the position he is being called upon to serve," added the Tolerant Muslim leader in an interview on PBS. Tolerant Sen. John F. Kerry, who served in Vietnam, blasted Boykin's remarks, noting that the chilling videos reveal an alarming pattern of Christian activities and statements by Boykin which are "wrong" and "un-American." Kerry, who served in Vietnam, also says it's wrong and un-American to call Kerry wrong and un-American simply for expressing a different political or religious belief.

Three-thousand 9/11 victims still could not be reached for comment on Gen. Boykin.

Democrats argue that, since government officials have no business meddling in personal religious beliefs, Boykin's outrageous comments, delivered before shadowy groups like the First Baptist Church of Daytona, Florida, demand that government officials meddle in Boykin's personal religious beliefs. To be fair, this is not to say liberals aren't respectful of religious differences; it's Christianity where they draw the line.

The videos were seized by Democrats as just the latest evidence the Bush administration is run entirely by right-wing Christian ideologues. Democrats also complain the Bush administration is run entirely by right-wing Jewish ideologues -- or neo-cons.

More damaging still, Gen. Boykin, unlike tired army Gen. Wesley Clark, failed to contest the legitimacy of Bush's Presidency in the tapes. Many Democrats feel strongly that the election was stolen from Al Gore in Florida by Bush getting more voters to vote for Bush than for Al Gore in Florida.


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