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Florida Voters say it is a Conspiracy not to let us vote

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Voters in Broward County, Florida, have been showing up at public schools wanting to cast their votes against Arnold Swartznegger.

They were surprised to find no polling booths, and several rowdy elderly folks wrestled past school security guards in an attempt to vote. Many elderly folks were seen leaving the Bingo Hall and going to their polling booths and finding no one there and saying "this is a conspiracy by the evil Republicans not to let us vote".

"Those republicans are stealing the election all over again" said Ima Idgit. "They won't even let me vote against the recall"

Some residents expressed outrage and threatened to sue.

"I was prevented from voting because I'm black. Those republicans set up a roadblock near the school to intimidate people of color -- they don't want them to vote for Gore for Governor" said Ima liar, 57, of Broward County.
"Its just like the Nazis all over again", said Gertrude Goldstein, 89, of Boca Raton. "That Arnold man admires Hitler in all his campaign speeches, we see him do it all the time on the news, and now they won't even let us vote".

Supreme Court Judges in Florida are probably seriously considering ruling that this election can not stand. In other news, highway patrol officers were seen in Broward county intimidating minority voters.

It appears that nobody had told these voters that the election was for the recall and replacement of Governor of *CALIFORNIA*.

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