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Democrats blame impending Hurricane Isabel on Bush!
September 14th. 2003 |

All democrat presidential hopefuls are blaming impending Hurricane Isabel on Bush. Even before it hits land, President Bush is getting the blame for possible destruction of Hurricane Isabel.

Here are some quotes from the "candidates" over the last 24 hours: Hillary: "When I was president, I mean Bill was president, we would have never let such a storm get out of control, this is more evidence that the Patriot Act has gone too far!"

Carol Mosley Braun: "When I was ambassador we had not a single hurricane hit New Zealand, not one! Can the Bush Administration say that?"

Dean: "I think it is too early to know if hurricanes are bad but if this one hits the U.S. it is more evidence that the Bush administration's Middle East policy is a dismal failure and more evidence that the Zionists are out to destroy the left coast like they did on 9-11"

John Kerry: "What storm?, oh yes that was a great movie."

John Edwards: "We must sue these storms and pressure the Bush administration to pass legislation making storms more responsible for their actions, if the Bush administration had been doing more to watch out for these storms instead of screwing around in Iraq this wouldn't be an issue!"

Al Sharpton: "It is the racist Bush administration that goes around naming storms Isabel, our people are being franchised!"

Joseph Lieberman: "If I were president we would use this opportunity to reach out to the storm and see where tough diplomacy could get us, I doubt the Bush administration has thought of this."

Wesley Clark: "Unlike Bush I have military experience to fight such a storm."

Dennis Kucinich: "If the Bush administration had taken my advice and passed my anti-hate storm legislation, the East Coast wouldn't be in danger."

Graham: "According to my diary both Bush brothers are to blame for these storms because of their love of oil companies."

Dick Gephardt: ""When my I was a child and my father delivered milk to put food on the table, he said "son my biggest worry is some guy named Bush might become president who will be unable to handle a big storm", well my father was right!""

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