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Montpelier, VT - Diminutive Democrat presidential frontrunner Howard Dean today called for the Bush Administration to reinstate Saddam Hussein to the dictatorship of Iraq since the decision to invade Iraq was made using "faulty intelligence information."

"Just because Saddam was a brutal genocidal dictator doesn't mean that America has the right to go and depose him," Governor Dean said as he addressed the Annual Meeting of the Transgendered Vegetarians Association. "When you get right down to it, George W. Bush isn't any better than Saddam. Why, there are still transgendered vegetarians in this country who have to endure daily discrimination and the Bush Administration hasn't done one thing to alleviate their suffering. That's far worse than anything Saddam has done."

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In related news, in Buenos Aires today, veterans of the German SS called upon the members of NATO to reinstate the Nazi Party to power in Germany since the decision to mount the D-Day invasion was based on "faulty intelligence estimates by the OSS of Nazi Germany's possession of weapons of mass destruction."

Similarly, the French government today has just asked the World Court to overturn Britain's victory in 1415 at the Battle of Agincourt since King Henry V justified his invasion by utilizing inaccurate estimates of France's possession of crossbow technology.

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