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Episcopal Church Appoints First Openly-Muslim Bishop

(2003-08-05) -- Bishops in the Episcopal Church today approved the election of the first openly-Muslim bishop in the church's history.

The Islamic cleric, who rejects the deity of Jesus Christ, received an overwhelming majority of the vote.

A spokesman for the Episcopal Church said the move demonstrates, "Our church is open to all people, regardless of their beliefs, or whether they accept the teachings of the Bible."

The election of the Muslim bishop comes as the church  approved its first homosexual Bishop, V. Gene Robinson. When asking Father Peter Small of St. Bruce Catholic church in Key West, Florida what he thought about the approval of the first homosexual Bishop he said "OH Boy!"   Later today, the bishops plan to vote on the election of the church's first openly-atheist bishop.

Tomorrow assembly of the Bishop's will decide the fate of Bishop I. M. Gay of San Francisco who announced he is divorcing his wife of 29 years and says he will marry his pet lamb. The bishop of Oklahoma Rev. W. Bradshaw said "he and his park buddies were upset with the action of the Episcopal Church and would boycott the marriage of Bishop I. M. Gay and his pet lamb."


You will know them by their fruits ...(Matthew 7:15-19).

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