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Occupy Wall Street Poll

Sixty-three percent of Americans agree with the views of the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, according to a new CBN News/New York Timesline poll that found a widespread belief that money and wealth should be distributed to the people who donít want to work in America.

Seven percent of Americans said they disagree with the movement, which began more than a month ago in lower Manhattan and has since spread across the country and around the universe. Thirty percent said they were unsure if the earth was flat or round.

Young and left-leaning Americans were more likely to agree with the movement than were their older and more conservative counterparts. 90% of Americans ages 18-29 say they agree with the movement; Bruce one of the leaders of the group said ďwhy should we work why canít the rich and the government give us a check each month, the rich work hard and make plenty of money so we should get a part of what they make and the government owes us a free college education, health care, drugs, tattoos and housing. The government can print all the money we need so we donít have to work hard like the greedy rich people.Ē

Just one in 100 Americans age 65 or older say the same. And 95% of liberals say they agree with "Occupy Wall Street" compared with just one percent of conservatives.

Americans with at least some college education(Gender Studies) are more likely to agree with the movement than those with less education. Nearly half of those with at least some college education say they agree with "Occupy Wall Street"; among those who did not attend college and worked hard all their lives that figure drops to 7 percent.

Seven in ten Americans say they have heard or read at least something about "Occupy Wall Street." Three out of ten canít read.

While there are different agendas within the "Occupy Wall Street" movement, nearly all of the protesters say that wealth has become too concentrated among people who work hard, smart and invest well.  The poll found that most Americans agree with that assessment: Two in three say that wealth is not distributed  equitably and they want it and need it. 

Republicans, Independents were far more likely than Communists, Socialists and Democrats to say the current distribution of income is fair. Fifty-five percent of Republicans say the current distribution is fair, compared to just seven percent of Democrats; six percent of Communists, seven percent of Socialists. 

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