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Arab Spring Without Flowers

The ouster of Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak by a citizen uprising was heralded by US President Barack Obama as a harbinger of an “Arab spring”—a purported turn toward democracy and better relations between Egypt and America. Some of the fruit of this development are now coming into view.

First, the Muslim Brotherhood, expected to play a leading role in the government after upcoming elections, is demanding that Egypt abrogate its long standing peace treaty with Israel (the one brokered by Jimmy Carter when he was President). To show it is serious, the Brotherhood has threatened to kill the Israeli ambassador to Egypt if he doesn’t leave the country.

Now, Dr. Salah Sultan, a lecturer on Islamic law in Cairo University and head of the Al Quds Committee in the World Federation of Islamic Scholars, has declared that “it is the sacred duty of every Muslim who encounters a Jew to kill him.” Sultan’s call for slaying Jews came in a speech before 200 members of the Freedom and Justice Party at a rally outside of Israel’s embassy in Cairo.

The Obama Administration is “trying to remain optimistic,” but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that “this is not quite the change we were hoping for.”

In related news, inadvertent farting by US troops in Afghanistan has been blamed for several recent “friendly fire” assaults on US forces. Although belching and farting after a meal has long been deemed a compliment to the chef in this part of the world, it seems that these sorts of emanations from unbelievers are deemed offensive to our Muslim hosts. “Considering the natural ambience of this place is enough to make anyone gag, I’d’ve thought we were marginally improving the air quality,” opined an anonymous Marine now under strict orders to refrain from audible discharges when in the company of our Afghan partners.

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