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Things We Know From The Casey Anthony Trial

Of course the jury found Casey Anthony Not Guilty of Daughter Caylee's Death don't all Moms goclothing-optional partying in the 31 days between her daughter’s death and when she was forced by her mother to admit she was missing.

Don't all Moms search the  Internet for things including neck injuries, chloroform, inhalation, death, head injuries, and internal bleeding, than intentionally delete the searches for these items by the hard-partying procreator Moms.

All Moms would come up with fictional characters, at least one of which would be a attempt to fabricate an alibi.

Of course the jury couldn't find her guilty there was no video of the crime.

The jury wasan't able to witness the crime so there was reasonable doubt.

Good Mothers and duct tape just seem to go together.

Most Moms would stuff their daughter in a bag and dumped her in a swamp.

All Moms would lie to the world and had hundreds of people looking for the missing child for months KNOWING she was dead.

Al young Moms go out partying and entering Hot Body contest KNOWING their daughter is dead.

Don't all Moms have the stench of death in their trunk.

All Moms lie to their Mom and Dad and brother and police and friends.

All Moms would  throw her dead child in the woods like a piece of trash discarded like rotting garbage.

Most Moms would get a tattoo “Beautiful Life" while her daughter is rotting in the woods.

Russell Huekler, an alternate juror said he thought Casey knew what happen to Caylee but there was no evidence she was a bad mother...So according to Mr. Hucekler dumping you dead daughter in the woods is not a sign of a bad Mom. Makes perfect sense to a Demented Mind.

We learned it is not child abuse to place your daughter in a bag and dump her in a swamp.

The only conclusion is this is a case of suicide. She took a bag to a swampy area, duck tape her own mouth and nose and climbed into the bag.

This was the smartest jury ever, the only jury who could come close would be the O.J. jury.

Anthony was entitled to a jury of 12 of her peers. She’s a moron and they managed to find 12 other morons.

News Update: Planned Parenthood Has Nonimated Casey Anthony as "Mother Of The Year".

National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League has voted Casey Anthony as "Young Woman of The Decade".

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