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Dems Deserve Credit for Economy

Chairperson of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Flor), urged Democrats to embrace the President’s economic program as a key selling point for voters to elect more Democrats in the 2012 balloting.

“People who are focusing on high unemployment and falling home prices are missing some truly impressive signs of an improving economy,” Wasserman-Schultz maintained. “For one, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s net worth rose 62% to $35 million last year. Does that sound like a recession to you?” The idea that the economy is uniformly bad is belied by this success story. The President’s initiatives have created opportunities. It’s not his fault or the Democratic Party’s fault when people fail to seize these opportunities.”

Wasserman-Schultz warned against Republican demands for spending cuts that “would undermine the President’s strategy for targeted growth. The notion that lower taxes would produce better results has been disproved. Too much of the money in the private sector is wasted on frivolous expenditures.

President Obama seconded Wasserman-Schultz’s take on the economy pointing out that “I have a bigger plane and a bigger entourage than I did three years ago. It’s proof that my programs are working and the economy is growing again.” The President also cited robust campaign donations from Wall Street for his reelection as “a sure sign my economic program is on the right track.

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