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Can't Use Metaphors In Political Speech

 Some In The Media And Politicians Say

What is a Metaphor?
A metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or phrase that denotes a certain object or idea is applied to another word or phrase to imply some similarity between them.

Examples of Metaphors Using Words and Phrases

The teenage boy's stomach was a bottomless pit.  A bottomless pit can never be filled. In this example, "bottomless pit" is a metaphor because it is being applied to "the teenage boy's stomach" to imply that his appetite could never be satisfied (that is, his stomach could never be filled).

Liberals instantly leapt on the sickening massacre at a Tucson political event over the weekend to accuse the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and all Conservatives, Fox News and Talk Radio  who talk out loud of being complicit in murder by inspiring the shooter.

Sarah Palin, for example, had a chart of congressional districts being targeted by Republicans. So did the Democratic Leadership Committee. Indeed, Democratic consultant Bob Beckel went on Fox News and said he invented the bull's-eye maps.

These are figures of speech known as "metaphors." (Do liberals know where we got the word "campaign"?)

On MSNBC this afternoon they said President Obama had to put on a “double barrel” effort at last night’s memorial service.

It's not that both sides did something wrong; neither side did anything wrong. The drama queens in the left-side of the media need to settle down.

Words that get the wussy in the media upset:

Bang for the Buck, Best Shot, Bite the Bullet, Bull’s eye, Cocked & Ready, In the Crosshairs, Easy mark, Fire away, Fired up, Go out in a Blaze of Glory, Gun down, Half-cocked, Hit list, Hitting the Target, Hot shot, Locked & Loaded, Open season, Pull the Trigger, Shoot oneself in the Foot, Target. It’s not a time to Retreat, It’s a time to ReLoad,  cross hairs on a map,  Hit List, Hit the Target, In the Cross hairs, Locked & Loaded, We are targeting the seats in congress that are vulnerable, We have the goal in our sights, We are shooting for a high voter turnout, pull the trigger" as in making a purchase, way to stick to your guns.

Basketball Players shoot all the time — they fire away, they launch from outside, they let it fly, they have a quick trigger, they hit baskets, they shoot the lights out, they’re right on target, they’re long-range bombers. Players steal the ball, trigger the fast break and throw bullet passes for slams.”

Keith Olbermann Of MSNBC says  Put the gun metaphors away." Okay, Keith. I'll give it a shot.


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