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Al Gore Pick-Up Lines
Al and Tipper Gore announced that they are splitting. Itís been 40+ years and he's a bit stiff. So he will need some pickup lines

Do you know how much that dress is contributing to global warming? Cuz you're makin' me hot!
Why don't you come up to my room and I'll show you the President?
Excuse me while I climate change into something more comfortable...
Baby Iíd like to touch your ozone.
Just checking your emissions.
Good thing I have identity theft insurance, because you stole my heart!
Call me your mutual fund, honey ... Ďcause with you, Iím showing interest.
Are you unpaid credit card debt? Because you have got FINE written all over you!
When I saw you, my jaw dropped like the value of a new car.
I just bought a bass boat with cash ... and itís a good thing, because youíre quite a catch!
Iím not mortgage interest baby ... donít write me off.
Is it hot in here or is it the greenhouse effect?

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