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Obama: No Questions At Press Freedom Event


President Obama today signed the Freedom of the Press Act, a measure that gives the federal government an oversight role in tracking international press freedom issues. The pool-only event went down in the Oval, where Obama was asked if he would entertain some questions. Obama said. "I won't be answering, I'm not doing a press conference today.

Translation: “The Teleprompter of the United States is turned off today.” “This is freedom of the press event, so shut up and print what we tell you!” And the media will continue to praise him for his openess and transparency....

United States Apologized To China May 17, 2010
Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner said in addition to talks on freedom of religion and expression, labor rights and rule of law, officials also discussed Chinese complaints about problems with U.S. human rights, which have included crime, poverty, homelessness and racial discrimination.

He said U.S. officials did not whitewash the American record and in fact raised on its own a new immigration law in Arizona that requires police to ask about a person's immigration status if there is suspicion the person is in the country illegally. The United States apologized to China for what it called human rights issues. You read that correctly. China! The same China whose leader Mao Ze-Dong murdered tens of millions of his own citizens. The same China that stamped out the Tienanmen Square protest by massacring the protesters in the streets. The same China that forces women to have abortions. The same China that jails Christians for practicing their faith.

Next up... Obama apologizes to Russia for America winning the Cold war... Oh wait, he already did that. We wouldn’t want to offend the Communist Chinese Party with our insensitive laws

Napolitano: I’m not comfortable with this Arizona law

that I haven’t read yet. So here’s the deputy border-enforcer-in-chief admitting that she hasn’t found the time yet to review “in detail” an immigration law that’s been the talk of the country politically for about a month now.

State Department Spokesman Critical of Arizona Law Admits He Too Hasn’t Read It

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