New Business Creation Largest Rise in
a Century Under Obama

The Obama administration can be credited with the largest creation of new entrepreneurial activity the nation has seen since the start of this century. New businesses and community organizations are being created at a blistering pace and many Americans are realizing their dreams of cutting the corporate ties and becoming entrepreneurs for the first time.

Green Technology

This gentleman has begun his own successful carbon-neutral recycling business:

We will be seeing more and more people becoming active in green technologies
such as this as people become increasingly conscious of the fact that our previously
profligate and wasteful consumerism had to be reigned in.

Gender/Culture Sensitive Entertainment Industry

These ladies and gentlemen have begun their own successful entertainment service:

They are gender-neutral and both sexes will service clients regardless of their sex and/or sexual orientation!
People are becoming increasingly concerned with sensitivity to sexual diversity and diversity in sexual preference.


This enterprising young gentleman has left school early to embark upon
a new career as an independent pharmaceutical and anesthesiology consultant:

There are many examples of Americans leaving the 9 to 5 world and creating their own businesses -
this is becoming more than just a dream under the Obama administration.
It is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur!

The current administration has also been a boom for the expansion of thriving, fast-growing grassroots Community Organizations.


Picture of “Obamaville” tents out in Colorado under “new housing starts”

Tent sales are doing very well.



And there has been a huge increase in green, low fuel burning vehicles

This Satirical Humor was developed by Bon Mots

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