True Story

Woman swallows 78 items of cutlery

A woman obsessed with swallowing spoons and forks was forced to have an operation after she ate an entire canteen of cutlery.

Surgeons in Rotterdam, Holland, removed 78 different items of cutlery from Margaret Daalmans's stomach after she came to hospital complaining of stomach pains.

An astonishing X-ray taken before the operation showed dozens of forks and spoons trapped inside the 52-year-old patient.

"She seems to have been suffering from some sort of obsession and every time she sat down for a meal she would ignore the food and eat the cutlery," said one medic.

Daalmans works as a secretary in a local estate agents and told doctors: "I don't know why but I felt an urge to eat the silverware, I could not help myself."

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