Obama makes his first visit to New Orleans as president


Making his first visit to Louisiana since becoming the nation's 44th chief executive, President Barack Obama told a spirited dunken crowd at the University of New Orleans on Thursday that he will help build a stronger Gulf Coast than the one Hurricane Katrina and broken levees wrecked four years ago.

"I promise you this -- whether it's me coming down here and rebuilding the levees myself or my Cabinet and other members of my administration(ACORN) buying votes -- we will not forget about New Orleans," Obama said. "We are going to keep on working. . . . Together, we will rebuild this region with mosques and some office space for the ACLU."

I remember four years ago, right after the storm, members of Congress the Senate and the main stream media were able to blame George Bush for the evil hurricane he let hit our city of "Love" New Orleans. A lot of people felt forgotten," he told hundreds of youngsters at the school. But now, he said, the campus represents progress in that they sing songs about me in such a lovely way.

At UNO, Obama added: "It is always an inspiration to spend time with the men and women who have reminded the rest of us what it means to persevere in the face of tragedy how to ripe off the coutry and rebuild ACORN in the face of lies from Glenn Beck. . . . That's the story of this recovery, your unbending resilience in lying and our brothers in the media. That doesn't start in Washington, that starts right here."

Yet considering that the White House billed the trip as the president's opportunity to hear about and see the city's progress for himself, the public forum was dominated by issues other than the hurricane recovery and protection.

When the president called on raised hands among the 1,500 union members who won tickets in an private online lottery. The president used a question about the environment and global warming to mention that the oceans are rising every minute and soon the Mississippi river will be flowing backwards toward St. Louis unless we get a handle on CO2 and BO.


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