OBama Wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize In 12 Days

President Obama has broken new ground here. Nominations for potential winners of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize ended on February 1. The president took office only 12 days earlier on January 20.

If you recall, in that same 12 days he also exported U.S. Taxpayer funded abortions to the world.

Now other awards are breaking for President Obama hourly. List is below.

Breaking: Obama wins the Heisman Trophy after watching a college football game
Breaking: Obama saves favorite sled "Rosebud" from furnace
Breaking: Obama stars in Terminator IV. Plays the Obaminator
Breaking: Barack Hussein Obama's likeness to be carved into Mount Rushmore
Breaking: Barack Hussein Obama Declared Winner of 2000 Florida Recount
Breaking: Obama Named Most Interesting Man in the World
Breaking: Obama beats JIM THOMPSON at Balloon sit/egg carry race
Breaking: Barack Obama wins Top Chef Las Vegas, awarded FOUR Michelin Stars
Breaking: Obama wins $10 Million Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
Breaking: Obama named the NEW James Bond Will become agent Double-O-Bama
Breaking: Obama wins "Dancing with the Stars"
Breaking: Obama walks on water.Obama has just walked across Lake Michigan
Breaking: Obama wins 2009 AKC "Best of Show"
Breaking: Obama challenges Kobayashi to hot dog eating contest
Breaking: Obama cures cancer and diabetes
Breaking: Obama nominated for 5 Academy Awards
Breaking: Obama declared Master of Time, Space and Dimension
Breaking: Just been announced that Obama has won the Nigerian Lottery
Breaking: Obama named The Fifth Element
Breaking: NHL cancels season awards Stanley Cup to Obama
Breaking: Obama wins "Survivor" reality show
Breaking: Obama wins proctology award
Breaking: Obama canonized as a "Saint" in Rome
Breaking: Obama named employee of the month at a Wendy’s in Reston, VA.
Breaking: Obama takes pole for this Sunday’s Pepsi 500 at California Speedway
Breaking:  Obama named Time's Man of the Century
Breaking: Obama inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Breaking: Barak Obama Wins 2010 NBA Dunk Contest
Breaking: President Obama receives Cong. Medal of Honor
Breaking: Obama wins Ms. California title
Breaking: Obama Named Miss Hooters 2010
Breaking: Kim Jong Il Resigns, Names Obama New Leader of North Korea
Breaking: Obama wins Medium Coke with McDonald’s Scratcher
Breaking: Obama wins National Spelling Bee
Breaking: Obama wins 2010 Soap box Derby
Breaking: Obama beats Tiger in playoff at Masters
Breaking: Obama wins the Tour de France by 12 hours
Breaking: Obama gets patent for inventing perpetual motion machine
Breaking: Obama finds Lost Tribes of Israel
Breaking: Obama scores eighteen consecutive hole-in-ones
Breaking: President Obama named Sears Preferred Customer
Breaking: Obama finds Nicole Brown Simpson's REAL killer
Breaking: Obama has stopped plate tectonics,no more earthquakes
Breaking: Barak Obama Finds the Arc of the Covenant
Breaking: Obama signed the Declaration of Independence today, making it official
Breaking: Obama is McDonalds 787 billion customer
Breaking: Obama's Face Found on Mars
Breaking: Pope re-painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel with face of Obama
Breaking: Obama did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night and parted the red sea this morning
Breaking: Obama to Star in 'Casablanca' Remake
Breaking: Washington, DC Renamed Obama, District of Barack
Breaking: Carla Bruni Leaves Sarkozy for Obama
Breaking: Baseball Commissioner awards Series to Obama due to his "intention to win"
Breaking: Obama re-invents the wheel
Breaking: Pillsbury Bake-Off prize goes to Obama
Breaking: Obama finds Waldo
Breaking: Obama Turns The Water Into Wine
Breaking: Obama Replaces Lennon and Harrison, Reunites the Beatles
Breaking: Obama successfully negotiates with the Japanese for the release of 112 year old Amelia Earhart
Breaking: Obama Reverses Kudzu Growth
Breaking: Obama Awarded with Grand Marshall of the Black Angus Cattle Day Parade
Breaking: Man Healed By Touching Hem Of Obama's Robe
Breaking: Obama get's his Red Rider BB gun
Breaking: Obama catches Roadrunner
Breaking: Obama invents car engine that runs on static electricity
Breaking: Obama prevents tooth decay in children
Breaking: World's Muslims Reject Mohammed, Anoint Obama
Breaking: Obama was named to replace the Holy Spirit in the Christian Trinity today in ceremonies in Oslo
Breaking: Obama Named CEO of Campbell Soups - Mmmm Mmmm Good
Breaking: Obama wins PBA Championsip. Bowls a high score of 37
Breaking: Obama's Image Cleary Visible on Shroud of Turin
Breaking: Barak Obama Named Mr. Universe 2010
Breaking: Pope Benedict crowns Obama "Holy Roman Emperor"
Breaking: White Smoke over Vatican, Cardinals Elect Obama as Pope
Breaking: Obama wins Comrade of the Year Award
Breaking: Obama swims the english channel... LENGTHWISE
Breaking: Obama to be new Jack Bauer on '24'
Breaking: Obama named Motor Trend's Car of the Year
Breaking: Obama to Play Dirk Diggler in Remake of Boogie Nights
Breaking: Culinary Institute of America gives Obama a National Medal for Whirled Peas
Breaking: Obama Wins Order of Lenin Medal
Breaking: Obama wins "Most Well Endowed" by "Hineyboy Magazine"
Breaking: Obama Wins Oscar For "Best Actor In A Completely Fictional, Made-Up Story and Role"
Breaking: Barak Obama Wins 2010 NBA Dunk Contest
Breaking: Obama birth certificate "conspiracy" solved: Roswell
Breaking: President Obama beats Chuck Norris in cage match
Breaking: Obama accepts Global warming institute top award for Presidental farts that don't contribute CO2
Breaking: Obama gets Mirror and Glass Institute award for covering every wall of the White House in mirrors
Breaking: Obama's Nobel acceptance speech wins Nobel Prize for Literature
Breaking: Obama channels Jerry Garcia..Grateful Dead plans comeback tour
Breaking: Obama to play Clark Gable in remakes of all Gable’s movies
Breaking: Tortilla with Pres. Obama’s image sells for record price at Sotheby’s
Breaking: Obama channels Julia Child and recreates McDonald’s menus
Breaking: Archaeologists reveal the Rosetta Stone foretold Obama’s coming in the third millennium
Breaking: Wrigley’s announce the new Obamamint flavour gum
Breaking: Obama redesigns Vista for Microsoft..... and it works!
Breaking: McDonald’s announces the new Obamburger (with extra cheese)
Breaking: Obama makes citizen’s arrest of Pres John F. Kennedy’s real assassin
Breaking: Obama creates the Spring and Fall Olympic Games
Breaking: Obama wins "Project Runway" with The First Lady modelling his creations
Breaking: Barbie dolls now prefer to play with Obama doll rather than Ken
Breaking: Jews and Arabs unite to rebuild Temple On The Mount. Dedicated to Obama
Breaking: Obama gets Cy Young Award for throwing out the first pitch at the start of baseball season
Breaking: Obama finds Jimmy Hoffa's burial place
Breaking: Obama solves Rubik's Cube -- in one try
Breaking: Obama wins Bassmaster Classic with two snapping turtles and an alligator gar
Breaking: Obama discovers the name of the man on the grassy knoll
Breaking: Obama wins People's Sexiest Man of the Year

Breaking News: Bush failed to stop the attack on Fort Sumpter. He did not learn from his failure either, permitting Imperial Germany to sink the USS Lusitania in 1917. And there is a suspicion that he had foreknowledge that Imperial Japan would bomb Pearl Harbor in 1941
If you hear of other awards and items send them to me so I can put them on this list

Humor is a good thing

Obama crossing the finish line at the Tour De France
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