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The Truth According The Far Left:

  • All celebrations in Iraq are staged.
  • All weapons, suicide vests, etc. found in Iraq were planted by the CIA
  • The Bush administration planned and carried out 9/11.
  • No plane ever crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.
  • Republicans killed Paul Wellstone.
  • The POWs were all faked/staged to get public sympathy.
  • Bush is responsible for the anthrax attacks.
  • Everything is a Zionist conspiracy
  • Everything is a Right Wing conspiracy
  • Bush is responsible for the demise of the unicorn, the burning of Rome, the popularity of boy bands, the poor defense of the Mets, the death of everyone on this planet in the past four years, freak snowstorms in April and your failed relationships. Everything else is the fault of the Jews.
  •  Bush is Hitler. Ashcroft is Hitler. Rumsfeld is Hitler. They comprise the true "Axis of Evil."

     Antiwar protesters are the United States' true patriots.
    America is the True Axis Of Evil, led by the Bushitler and oppressed by Ashcroftimmler.*
  • Bill Clinton was raped by Monica as part of a right wing conspiracy, everybody knows that!

    The "human shields" actually liberated Iraq. The coalition forces showed up just to take credit!

    Letting taxpayers keep their money will seriously hurt families all across America and send us into recession!

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