Bush's Swine Flu

According to American liberals and the Mexican government, was it not for the insatiable American appetite for illegal drugs, Mexico's notorious drug lords would content to live in abject poverty as mud farmers.

Were it not for Yankee dinero and the never ending American addiction to being high, Mexican thugs who decapitate law enforcement officials and use nitric acid to reduce their remains to bones, would be choir boys in the Catholic Church.

It's the same story line for the entire illegal alien mess. America is to blame, you see, for being successful and prosperous. How dare arrogant Americans flaunt their wealth and power in the face of Mexico's third-world poverty? Bush's Fault!!

America the Great is to blame for the fact that Mexico cannot educate, feed, house, and provide health care for its citizens. Bush's Fault!!

Indeed, if America were not so smugly well off, there would be no "carrot" to lure impoverished Mexicans into a life of crime as invaders.

It is all Bush's fault!

So it is with the swine flu.

According to Obama spokespeople, the current crisis is an "inherited medical calamity" from the Bush administration, said crisis clearly linked to Katrina, missing WMD in Iraq, the collapse of General Motors, and other Bush legacy items and the Pro Life, Pro Gun and smaller goverment nuts, white veteran sunday church goers . Obama's nationalized health-care could have prevented this pandemic says White House spokeperson.

If that line of malarkey does not fool you, Obama and Napolitano have another batch of snake oil ready for passing out to the public: Swine flu is a direct result of our insatiable appetite for ham, bacon, hot dogs, and other pork products.

That is, Mexico is simply feeding American's lust for pork--if that lust did not exist, Mexicans would not cavort with pigs and swine flu would not exist.

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