GM, Segway Unveil 'Green' Urban Vehicle

NEW YORK AP A solution to the world's urban transportation problems could lie in two wheels not four, according to executives for General Motors Corp. and Segway Inc. The companies announced Tuesday that they are working together to develop a two-wheeled, two-seat electric vehicle designed to be a fast, safe, inexpensive and clean alternative to traditional cars and trucks .

A few thoughts.....

Organ Donor car.

Coffin on Wheels.

Makes the Yugo look like a Sedan!

Could have fun with the old ladies in the supermarket tho...drag racing in aisle 4 at 10am....

Does it come with its own headstone?

Never thought Id ever see a wheelchair with a roll cage and wheelie bars.

Arent you glad the government is using your money by investing it wisely?Wait till they take over health care!

Does it have a cup holder?

I think every member of Congress should be made to drive from their beltway homes to the Capital in one of these.

This is GMs answer to avoid bankruptcy.

The first Barackmobile.

So its a pimped out wheelchair?

The hippies are clearly in charge of the asylum.

No place for a gun rack.

Where do you stick the wind-up key

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