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Planet Noticeably Cooler During Earth Hour

PASADENA, CA - Scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory released data today indicating an unmistakable cooling trend during 'Earth Hour'. The event, in which citizens voluntarily shut off unnecessary lights and appliances for one hour, was held to raise awareness of global climate change. Scientists say the event was so successful that temperatures were noticeably cooler during the event than even a mere six hours before.
Participants in Earth Hour were asked to turn off unused electrical equipment from 8:30 to 9:30 PM local time. Climate experts say the temperature difference from readings taken earlier in the day were dramatic. "Obviously, this mass effort had a huge impact on the planet's climate." said George Driggers, Executive Director of the Analytical Climatological Statistics Project at JPL. "Average temperatures plummeted 0.03 degrees, and some areas experienced drops of nearly 0.05."
Event organizers plan to expand on the success of this year's experiment. "We hope that within five years we can extend the event to an hour and forty-five minutes." said Tiffany Ogden-Neers, President of the Blowing Oaks Subdivision's Earth Hour Oversight Committee. "It's a huge sacrifice, but it's worth it to prevent the destruction of all life on Earth."
Some lawmakers propose making some portions of the Earth Hour concept mandatory. "I plan to introduce legislation requiring each household to turn off at least one light for at least one hour per day." said California Senator Barbara Boxer. "It's imperative that all Americans participate in this noble cause. That's why I'm proposing immediate funding for subsidies to the poor and the homeless who may not have lights, so they may participate as well, our President's  next stimulus plan will have $650 million for the poor so the can purchase lights to use in next year's Earth Hour."

IT is SATIRE people!
When satire can easily pass for truth? Is when a nation is run by leftists nuts!

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