Saddam's Death Confirmed by Russian Contractor Beneath Baghdad in 'Ft. Saddam' Tom Daschle says Saddam's death was ill-timed.

American Computer Scientist Association ^ | April 3, 2003 | Private Russian Telecom Contractor and member of ACSA

Saddam was said to have been 'mortally wounded and near death' by debris knocked loose by bunker busting ordinance ordered by the Allied forces.

The damage to the bunker was so substantial, and Saddam's wounds so significant, that Saddam was taken away 'in a panic' for immediate surgery.

The source indicated that Saddam Hussein succumbed to his injuries, some time within 2 hours of the suprise Allied attack. (at the beginning of the war)

Saddam was taken away from the collapsed bunker with an oxygen mask over his face and and intravenous line, unconscious, bloody and unresponsive. He was conveyed onto an emergency gurney by rescue workers and then taken by Ambulance to a special underground facility.

Upon Saddam's unconscious body arriving at Ft. Saddam, doctors in vain tried to save Saddam Hussein's life. However within two hours after the attack, Saddam Hussein was pronounced dead of brain damage, cerebral blood loss and other complications. (a large piece of the bunker had fallen on him and lacerate his skull and brain pan)

Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle says Saddam's death was ill-timed.  Republican leaders yesterday demanded he apologize to Mr. Bush, U.S. servicemen and women and to his constituents.