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Democrats urge Republicans to "Practice what you preach" - (Give Caroline a chance)
(Washington, D.C. - 1/3/09) Democrats across the board, including progressives on the far left, who are ardent supporters of Caroline Kennedy, are growing impatient with Republicans and others who are concerned about her apparent lack of qualifications for a likely U.S. Senatorial appointment.
In a specious statement from the DNC, tolerance and understanding of this appointment are required:
“We firmly believe Caroline “You Know” Kennedy is the absolutely best choice that could be made for the people of New York, the U.S. Senate and for the people of America. All of America should now be pleased there is a voice for the oratorically-impaired which otherwise would go missing. This is an important part of the Change coming to America and we demand acceptance of this historic appointment.”
“We only wish our friends on the right would practice what they preach and be as tolerant of Caroline as we on the left have been of Republican female appointments and nominees to all levels office. We’re tired of our nominees/appointees having to put up with overt naysayers, undeserved criticism and unfounded rumors  while we treat theirs with dignity, respect and a tolerance for opposing views. We demand equal treatment.”


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