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Left in an uproar -Alaska Gov. Palin intentionally endangers humans
(Wild animals roam free)

(Washington, D.C. 1/9/08) Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has come under sharp and unfettered attack from the left as it has recently come to their attention wild animals are free to roam the Alaskan wilderness sometimes endangering human inhabitants, rather than being captured and locked up in zoos where they belong.
Said a spokesperson, “We demand to know why Governor Palin is devoting time to operating her state, and state budget, in a responsible manner all the while doing nothing regarding the unfettered access to millions of acres of pristine wilderness in Alaska by animals in the wild. We find it reprehensible these animals are neutralized when they pose a threat to humans rather than being caught, drugged and transported in small, cramped and uncomfortable cages to zoos throughout the world and finally locked up behind bars for people to stare at. It would be in the animals' best interest."
“You don’t find these issues in well run cities such as Detroit and Newark. After all, they successfully eliminated their bear, moose, elk, caribou and eagle problems years ago."

"We will push for the elimination of the oil refund check issued to every Alaskan simply for living there, the institution of a state sales tax, a state income tax and a raising of all other taxes. The proceeds of the collected funds will be used to fence in populated areas of the state such as Fairbanks, Anchorage and any other village or city with a population of at least 10. This not only saves the animals, but should also push the economy into the ground and bring Alaska into line with other well run states such as Michigan and California. After all, what’s a few hundred billion wasted dollars? It happens in D.C. daily.”
“The efficient, streamlined manner in which Alaska is being run by Republican Governor Palin while ignoring the animal problem and intentionally allowing nature to flourish is an insult to all Americans who are beginning to notice what responsible government is truly like. We need to stop this change because it seriously damages Democratic Party chances in future elections and will not be tolerated.”


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