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 In COLD BLOOD Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was murdered
US lawmaker Jack Murtha accused US Military of killing innocent Iraqi civilians after a Air Force plane dropped two 500 lb. bombs on safe house of prayer according to Murtha..  Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, whose bloody campaign of beheadings and suicide bombings made him the most-wanted terrorist in Iraq, was killed when U.S. warplanes dropped 500-pound bombs on his isolated safe house.

Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood, John Murtha told reporters. I think the news of the loss of any human being is a tragedy. I think al-Zarqawi's death is a double tragedy," he said. His death will incite a new wave of revenge.

Murtha is a harsh critic of the war in Iraq and said that such incidents are the result of inadequate planning, training and troop numbers in Iraq. Our troops, they were so stressed out, they went and killed Zarqawi his comrades, woman and a child. Now this is the kind of stress they are under. Listen, I don't excuse Zarqawi he wasn't always an angel, but why did the have to kill his buddies in COLD BLOOD they never gave them a chance. What's happening and the responsibility goes right to the top. This is something that should not have happened, and should be investigated.

Why didn't the military just capture him and forced him to work in a hospital where children are treated, that could have made Zarqawi a decent human being. The death of al-Zarqawi is a testament and another reason why we should be cutting off funding for our troops.


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