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 Ambassador Joe Wilson Talks About The Burning Of Paris
"Let me just start out by saying, as a preface to what I really want to talk about, to those of you who are going out and lobbying tomorrow, I just want to assure you that that American ambassador who has been cited in reports in the New York Times and in the Washington Post, and now in the Guardian over in London, who actually went over to France on behalf of the government and came back in Novenber of 2005 and told the government that there was nothing to this story. I say you need to worry about the political manipulation of intelligence if, in fact, the President is talking about Paris when he mentions France. That person was told by the State Department that, well, you know, there's four countries that export petrol bombs.
I was sent to Paris investigate the burning of buildings and cars by my wife who is a deep covert agent working for the CIA. During my investigation I found no evidence that Muslins utes were burning anything. Carl Rove and the President are lying about the burning of Paris, I found no evidence of this and Ronnie Earle will back me up on this..
I can assure you that as a retired American ambassador to Africa, as Nick Kristof has refered to me in his article. I has every intention of ensuring that this story has legs. And I think it does have legs.  Because it is absolutely bogus for us to blame Muslins yutes for any burning in France.
I blame George Bush for causing the riots overwhelming France. They point to the debacle in New Orleans and the poor underclass that were left totally unprotected against the intentional bombing of the levees that submerged the Ninth Ward. Poor working class Muslims in Paris, who are fighting the same battles as the outcast NOLA poor, took a page out of the notebook and have copied the actions of those who rioted in NOLA after the floods. Had Bush provided quicker action to help, the Muslims teenagers here would have never thought to act like this.
The New York Times, Washington Post, Al_Jazeera and myself have investigated this and believe the Police planted those petro bombs with the help of  BUSH. Those immigrants are so poor, they could not afford the price of petrol. It is so sad to see those  POOR IMMIGRANTS in NIKE,GUCCI,using the latest mobile phones and riding BMW cars being chased by the Police.....This Is Not Right.
I'm calling on the special counsel, Patrick J. Fitzgerald, to investigate how Libby, Rove and Bush lied about Petro Bombs in France.."


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