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McCain And Hillary Heat Up Alaska

Senator John McCain says his trip through Alaska and the Yukon has confirmed his belief that humans are contributing to global warming and climate change. The Arizona Republican is traveling around the state with Democrat Hillary Clinton of New York. The purpose of their trip is to see firsthand the effects of global warming and the increase flatulent from humans caused by illegal immigrants opening Mexican restaurants.

While McCain and Her Royal Highness Senator Hillary Clinton who is known to be ďIce ColdĒ are tracking the melting ice in Alaska, husband Bill is back in New York heating up things and showing off his talent with a cigar.

"McCain says the North and South poles are the miner's canaries, showing the effects of global warming first.Ē I guess heís right I havenít seen many canaries flying around at the North or South Poles lately.

The Senator was shock to see little ice and snow in Anchorage. He said, ď I have been here several days and havenít seen any snow falling.Ē Letís not be too hard on Senator McCain and remind him it is August, itís summer time.

Fresh from a trip to Barrow, America's northernmost city, McCain said anecdotes from Alaskans and residents of the Yukon Territory confirm scientific evidence of global warming. Anecdotes as science, huh? Iím glad to know a few anecdotes make a scientific fact. I talk to a few residents of my town this week and they were discussing the rains we have had this summer, I guess those anecdotes are enough to confirm we are facing a global flood.


But when you sit back and thinking about it maybe man is responsible for global warming, if you consider the hot air coming out of Washington and the spewing of green house gasses coming from Congress. Now some Republicans are requesting a 60 billion contract for Halliburton to patch the hole in the ozone, while Democrats are asking for a commission to study how we can ignore the problem.

What happen 11,000 years ago when the earth was warming and the last ice age was ending. Did manís campfires spouting gases into the atmosphere cause the effect? Canít be certain but one thing I know itís cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

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