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Released Roberts Documents 'Disturbing'...

(RW) Faced with growing pressure from concerned Democrats, the White House reluctantly released more documents to Democratic which may derail Robert's confirmation to the Supreme Court.   Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y. said his staff's initial review of the documents was 'quite disturbing'. 

Highly regarded Senator Schumer noted a gap of 18 days of missing work from Roberts record.  "This large gap shows Roberts may have skipped key assignments and perhaps was even AWOL," Schumer stated.

GOP responded by spinning the story as 'old news' and not relevant to anything.  Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas desperately pointed out, "for God's sake, this was from kindergarten".

Senator Schumer wisely pointed out, 'but everyone knows kindergarten establishes the foundation of the rest of your education, and if Roberts skipped out of assignments then, how can he be trusted to a lifetime appointment?  This gap raises serious questions about whether Roberts even graduated.'

A spokesperson for NARAL speculated, "those missing 18-days were spent associating with a kid who later married a woman who had a cousin who knew someone involved in an abortion clinic bombing.  This is just another disturbing fact about Roberts that  just keep trickling out.  Roberts is obviously an extremist who supports killing of innocent post embryonic beings."

Congressmen John Conyers stated he plans to hold hearings, as soon as he finds a location he is not locked out of.

An unknown conservative group never before quoted in the main stream media before, drew huge media coverage by withdrawing their support for Roberts, illustrating wide spread bi-partisan opposition to Roberts.

CBS 60 Minutes memo department is busily obtaining vintage 1950's typewriters off e-bay in preparation for their upcoming damaging expose.  Insiders at CBS said, "Our story is not going to be shot down by some pajama-clad blogger this time."

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