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Illinois Senator Dick Durbin says Gitmo is worse than Gulags

CHICAGO Illinois Senator Dick Durbin says he won't apologize for comments comparing American interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to Nazis, Pol Pot and Soviet gulags, 50 million people were killed by the Nazis, Pol Pot, Soviet's and China, but what were doing in Gitmo is worse, were making them eat honey-glazed chicken or lemon-baked fish, served with whole wheat pita, various vegetables and fruit.

He also noted that the detainees are provided copies of the Quran, prayer rugs, beads, and oil, the call to prayer is broadcast five times a day and the cells have signs pointing toward Mecca, the direction observant Muslims face when praying and the library  is stocked with Jihadi books but he noted there are no Starbucks to sip their coffee while they read. He also demand to know why there was not computer and interenet service available for the Holy Muslim Warriors so they could keep up their bomb making skills with online courses.

Senator Dick Durbin says the Bush administration is only spending $12.68 a day per prisoner to feed the Holy Muslim Warriors at its detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba - more than four times what it costs to feed federal prison inmates in the United States, he ask why can't we provide some restaurants for these Holy Muslim Warriors like maybe a Denny's, Kenntucky Fried Chicken or Burger King

Senator Dick Durbin went on to explain that each detainee's cell has a sink installed low to the ground, to make it easier for the detainees to wash their feet before Muslim prayer, but he ask why can't our military personal wash the detainee's feet so they won't have to bend over. He complain about the air-conditioning not working 24 hours a day, there have been times when the air- conditioning went out, this is not right he said, how can we expect these Holy Muslim Warriors to be confortable when the tempeture once got up to almost 90 degrees in their cells.

Senator Dick Durbin gave a list of what the detainees are being provided:

this list he not acceptable, he demanded to know why the detainees were not being allowed to be put in a Holiday Inn Express.

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