Question And A Poll


The Major News Media had three goals to accomplish from Katrina disaster.

1) Blame Bush

2) Everything that goes wrong, blame Bush.

3) Show as many dead as possible, blame Bush. 

Major News Media  is now in phase three.

The poll below is offered as a straightforward, unbiased poll:


Why doesn't George Bush like black people because they're black or because they're black?

Which do you think is worse-- the President's incompetence, or his racism?

Do you hate the President more because of his failure, or because he's a racist?

Was the President trying to drown or starve the people in New Orleans?

Who do you think is the most racist, the hundreds of racist  and bigoted communities who took in the victims of the hurricane or the bigoted and racist Christian churches who took and cared for the victims.

Do you think the brilliant Mayor of New Orleans Ray Nagin and the wonderful and compassionate Governor of Louisiana Blanco deserves all the credit for the good  things the Federal Goverment(FEMA) is doing in New Orleans or do you blame the racist  and bigoted President Bush who let the Hurricane hit Louisiana?

This is a  fair and unbiased poll provided by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, NY Times


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