Pandora Radio

Pandora is an automated music recommendation service and custodian of the Music Genome Project. Users enter a song or artist that they enjoy, and the service responds by playing selections that are musically similar. Users provide feedback on approval or disapproval of individual songs, which Pandora takes into account for future selections.

Using and tuning A station is set by specifying an artist or song, or a combination of multiple items of any kind in a single station. Listeners can tune into pre-made genre stations and other users' stations

Pandora iPhone AppPandora has launched mobile applications that enable users to stream their Pandora Stations to their iPhone or iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, and Palm Pre or Palm Pixi devices using either their cell phone provider's network or WiFi. It has the same basic functionality as the Pandora service online. There are no interruptions, and the only ads are a semi-transparent popup window with text ads. Of course, an Internet connection is necessary to stream music over Pandora.


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