See a computer-generated sketch of your face in about a minute! This is a free demonstration.
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Describe the color of your eyes:

(examples: brown, hazel, blue)

Describe the shape of your eyes:

(examples: wide, almond)

Describe the shape of your eyebrows:

(examples: bushy, thin, curvy, straight)

Describe the shape of your nose:

(examples: long, straight)

Describe your lips:

(examples: big, luscious, thin)

Describe your teeth:

(examples: straight, buck, missing)

Describe your facial hair:

(examples: beard, mustache, goatie)

Describe your ears:

(examples: pointy, big, small)

Describe your hair style:

(examples: straight, curly, long, bald, receding hairline)

Describe your hair color:

(examples: blonde, brown, gray)

Describe your skin tone:

(examples: pale, dark, medium)

Describe your ethnic backround:

(examples: American, Chinese, European)

Describe the shape of your face:

(examples: fat, skinny, long, high cheek bones, double chin)

Your gender:

(examples: male, female, m, f)

Your age:

(example: 25)