The Scratch & Sniff Page

You are about to take part in one of the newest and most amazing fads to hit the internet since the Smiley... Scratch and Sniff WebPages!


Through the combination of technology and psychology, ACME Web resources, brings you the "Scratch and Sniff Web page". You maybe thinking that such a think is impossible! Yet it is happening to tens of thousands of people.

How it works....

Scratch and Sniff technology is quite simple. It combines visual images, mental focusing, and light stimulation. Of course scratching your screen is not only harmful to your finger and monitor, it plain makes you look silly. A Scratch and Sniff Web Page works as follows....



It is important to follow the instructions carefully, in order that you may have a pleasant experience and that no one gets hurt.

  1. 1.  You will see a picture of a pizza below.

  2. 2.  Take your mouse and place the cursor over the pizza.

  3. 3.  Briskly move the cursor over the image (scratch it) for 20 seconds... NOTE: It is important to do this for 20 seconds, you may want to count ("One Pizza" "Two Pizza" etc.)

  4. 4.  After the 20 seconds, place the cursor over the pizza and click the left mouse button.

  5. 5.  The next web page will have a visual image that will trigger a sense that you are smelling pizza.... Pretty cool.


Scratch & Sniff Pizza
Click on the Pizza

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