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• The data is somehow correct for 2003-2004 years
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Please note that it will just calcualate values based on current statistic because im not Nostradamus and i can't see the future :)
• Most of the stats is pretty accurate, but there are some inaccurate ones. Im working on it
    current Earth population
    births this year
    births today
    deaths this year
    deaths today

Government & Economics

    $USD millions spent on education

    $USD million spent on Military

    countries in U.N.

    cars produced in this year

    bicycles produced in this year

    computers sold in this year


    books published in this year

    newspapers printed in this year

    movie visitors in this year

    hours spent in internet


    hectars of lost forest this year

    hectars of lost forest, due to the soil erosion this year

    erosion of the topsoil (metric tons) this year

    emission of carbonic gas (co2) (metric tons) this year

    acres of desert, generated because of inept management in this year

    miles Earth has traveled in space within our Solar System

    Earth's weignt in billion tons

    age of Earth

    lighting strikes this year

    tons of human biological waste (a.k.a. poo) total

    tons of caught fish in this year


    tons of produced food this year

    millions of calories, consumed this year

    millions of grams of protein consumed in this year

    underweight kids right now

    hungry people right now

    dollars, spent on diet in the USA this year


    produced energy this year 1

    consumed energy this year 2

    consumed oil this year3

    consumed coal this year 4

    amount of solar energy which has acted on the Earth this year5

All values are measured in metric tons, a coal equivalent. On these norms, the world will make and will consume energy this year (in metric tons of coal equivalents):
1) manufacture of energy: 11.9 billion
2) consumption of energy: 11.2 billion
3) consumption of oil: 4.3 billion
4) consumption of coal: 4.3 billion
5) a solar energy getting on a surface of the Earth: 2 700 billion


    deaths caused by general diseases this year

    deaths of children till 5 years this year

    deaths of mothers during birth this year

    are HIV-infected

    deaths caused by HIV (total)

    deaths caused by cancer this year

    deaths caused by malaria this year

    deaths caused by smoking this year

    millions of cigarettes produced this year

    deaths caused by pesticides this year

    babies who have been born by teenagers in this year

    $USD millions spent by governments on healthcare in this year

    $USD millions spent on drugs this year

    USA's expenses on alcohol and tobacco ($US millions) this year

    USA's expenses on perfume ($US millions) this year