Reflections on Motherhood

Congratulations! You did it, an experience not like any other.

Your baby is finally born and now you are a mother.

Remember how you felt as you gazed on your little one,

and realized your biggest job on earth had just begun.

You hold the baby closely, your love begins to grow,

You've read all the books and studied, but you're not sure of what you know.

This tiny little person, whom you are talking to

will be totally & rely so much on you.

The time begins to pass - you give your tender touch.

How could a small baby possibly eat so much.

The baby is now growing - new changes everyday.

It smiles & coos & giggles, it steals your heart away.

Then comes the day you have to leave it in the care of another.

It isn't fair, don't they know this child needs it's mother.

If you need to work, you miss your child. The struggles is never ending.

You have to be here, you wish you were there - sometimes your heart needs mending.


But things work out & life goes on, you're thankful for what you got.

You give your child the most you can whether its a little or a lot.

Now your baby becomes a toddler, the time has quickly passed.

How could two little legs move a child around so very fast.

You wait with baited breath for their first word. It almost drives you batty.


"Say Momma, little one" but it always comes out Daddy.

At 4 or 5 they're off to school, where did all that time go?

Someone else will teach them all the things they have to know.

You hate to see them gone so long, you wish they were home.

But this is yet another step to making it on their own.

Your life has begun again, you have a new appeal.

You are now a shuttle bus - you become a mom on wheels.

There's ballet, tumbling, little league, the lessons they must take.

Girl scouts, Boy Scouts, PTA, the things they sell you to bake..

Birthday parties, slumber parties, where you know that no one sleeps.

You camp out with them overnight in woods where little things creep.

When they play sports, you're their best fan, you yell & scream & shout.

The referee has threatened you - once more and you are out.

They'll wear  things that look so weird, "But mom this is the style."

"Yes dear it looks pretty," but your cringing all the while.

At 16 they began to drive, they travel near and far.

If you are a good Mom, maybe, they'll let you use your car.

You warn them of the dangers young people face today.

With your love & support, you know they'll find their way.

You make them study to make their grades, they must pass the test.

Always telling them, they can be satisfied if they know they've done their best.

You stay involved but give them space instinctively you know.

It takes encouragement to build their confidence so they will be able to grow.

Whether boy or girl they must know in the career that they have chosen there are no limits to what they can do but those that  are self imposed.

Your job will never be complete, but you've given  them a good start.

Hoping the world will be better because they've done their part.

Dear God, please save a place for Moms when our life's work is through.

I trust you'll understand us, because you loved your Mother too.

Copyright by Theresa Scherrey All Rights Reserved.

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